ultrasonic parts cleaner washer

All purpose parts washer

The precision ultrasonic parts cleaner for automotive and a wide range of other industries.

Crest Ultrasonics introduces the AP (All-purpose) line of ultrasonic parts cleaners that are ideal for heavy-duty industrial component cleaning. Engineered with high-intensity ultrasonic power that goes beyond industry standards, our parts washers’ pull-through bag filtration and specially designed pump recirculation eliminate the loss of ultrasonic activity and cavitation while processing.

Our cleaners are designed with an extended rear counter staging area, inverted flange for spill prevention, and a powder-coated skirt and roll-around cart. This, combined with easy-to-use controls and extended plug-in cords make the AP ultrasonic parts cleaner system the right choice for any parts cleaning job.

7 standard sizes available for immediate delivery

Standard tank capacities range from 6 gallons to 84 gallons.

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  • Sweep frequency of 40 kHz
  • Ceramically enhanced transducers provide effective ultrasonic cleaning
  • Genesis brand generator(s) included
  • 0-30 minute timer control for ultrasonics
  • Adjustable thermostatically controlled heater
  • Stainless steel process tank
  • Includes lift-off lids
  • Sloped bottom to drain
  • Top inverted counter flange for spill protection
  • Includes stainless steel mesh basket
  • Extended rear counter work area
  • Powder coated tank skirt and roll-around cart
  • Removable front control panel
  • 1-3 GPM recirculating pump system at 50 micron
  • Manual overload protected pump on/off switch
  • Pull-through bag filtration from tank bottom and overflow weir
  • 1 year warranty on parts
  • Two-stage filtration
  • Additional baskets
  • Insert trays for multiple chemicals

If your parts or throughputs do not meet our standard tank sizes, contact a Crest representative today.

We have custom manufacturing plants in the U.S. and overseas that can help you meet your custom ultrasonic cleaning equipment needs.

Tank CapacityUltrasonic
AP1220-75038" x 28" x 37"6 gallons750 watts240 volts2 x 15
AP1428-150046" x 33" x 40"17 gallons1500 watts208-240 volts2 x 20
AP1635-200052" x 37" x 42"31 gallons2000 watts208-240 volts2 x 20
AP2528-300046" x 33" x 40"40 gallons3000 watts208-240 volts2 x 30
AP2335-350052" x 37" x 42"52 gallons3500 watts208-240 volts2 x 30
AP1847-400064" x 37" x 45"63 gallons4000 watts208-240 volts2 x 30
AP2347-500064" x 37" x 45"84 gallons5000 watts208-240 volts2 x 30

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