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Chem-Crest® chemicals for precision cleaning of your ring, diamond, watch, or other jewelry

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Chem-Crest 165Chem-Crest 165 is a phosphate-free deoxidizer and liquid cleaner designed to remove light oils, discoloration, tarnishes, scales, and oxides. Solutions are near neutral pH. This detergent also finds uses in the cleaning of soft metals after manufacture, and as part of routine cleaning operations. Learn more >
Chem-Crest 715Chem-Crest 715 mild liquid detergent is useful in many applications requiring good detergency and wetting, especially on hard surfaces. It is a non-etching and neutral pH detergent. It can also be used as an additive to other detergents to increase wetting capability. Contact your Crest representative for further details. Learn more >

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