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Chem-Crest® chemicals for precision cleaning of your ring, diamond, watch, or other jewelry

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Jewelry Cleaner
(for jewelry stores)
Mild alkaline liquid detergent for the cleaning of jewelry. Designed to be used in an ultrasonic bath primarily for jewelry stores or home use. Non caustic, phosphate-free, and biodegradable. Dilution: 8–12 oz./gal. of water. Operational temperature: 100°–160°F. Available in 8x1 qt. cases or 4x1 gal. cases.
Chem-Crest 45
(for jewelry manufacturers)
Heavy duty alkaline cleaning concentrate designed to remove various tenacious soils including buffing and polishing compounds, carbon, oils, greases, and mold cleaning. Phosphate-free and biodegradable. Dilution: 6–9 oz./gal. of water. Operational temperature: 140°–180°F. Available in 4x1 gal. cases, 5 gal. pail, or 55 gal. drum.

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