ultrasonic gun case cleaner

ultrasonic cleaner for guns and other firearms

Chem-Crest® chemicals for precision cleaning of guns, cartridge cases & other firearms

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Chem-Crest 235Chem-Crest 235 is a multipurpose, mild, phosphate- and caustic-free alkaline liquid cleaner. It is useful in many applications demanding removal of various contaminants such as oils, greases, particulate matter, and carbon residues. this detergent was specially developed for the cleaning of off-engine, firearms, and bicycle parts, though it finds many other uses throughout industrial, mechanical, and maintenance cleaning operations. Chem-Crest 235 is freely water soluble. Learn more>
Chem-Crest 2003Chem-Crest 2003 is a heavy duty liquid detergent concentrate with a broad spectrum of uses on hard-to-clean contaminants. It is useful in many applications demanding removal of various tough contaminants from the automotive industry to general maintenance cleaning to heat exchangers, as well as others. Chem-Crest 2003 is mildly inhibited to help prevent flash rusting, and is free-rinsing. Learn more >
Chem-Crest 400-LChem-Crest 400-L is a non-hazardous petroleum distillate designed to be used at full strength in an ultrasonic bath for the primary use of displacing and absorbing rinse water and for the lubrication of weapons and bicycle parts. This solution is designed to absorb large quantities of water that can later be settled out for the purpose of reusing the lubricant. Learn more >

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