large aqueous ultrasonic cleaning equipment

Get high-end exceptional precision cleaning for large parts, while benefitting from automation

The Crest Ultrasonics line of large aqueous ultrasonic cleaning equipment offers you many standard, in-stock capacity and frequency combinations as well as custom-built items upon request.

When used in tandem with our ultrasonic cleaning solutions, this equipment is designed to satisfy the complete high-throughput cleaning of large parts. It also offers automation, which allows your workers to concentrate on other tasks and ensures repeatable, precisely measured and maintained cleaning processes.

Crest offers full manufacturing capabilities for standard and custom systems with plants across the U.S., Malaysia, and Asia.

Industrial Consoles

modular ultrasonic cleaning system

Digital Modular Series

Outstanding design versatility and process flexibility

Industrial Consoles

Optimum Console

Optimum Console

Available in aqueous/semi-aqueous — manual, automated, custom

Industrial Consoles

Optimum Console Junior

Optimum Console Junior

Cost-effective ultrasonic cleaning, with manual and limited automation

Drying Systems

Ultrasonic vacuum dryer

Vacuum Dryer

Precision drying for complex or water-absorbing parts

Core Accessories

Closed Loop Water Treatment Systems
RoTumbler Rotating Basket

Also see our complete line of ultrasonic cleaning solutions:

Crest Ultrasonics brand ultrasonic cleaning solutions are uniquely formulated to work flawlessly with our ultrasonic equipment in the cleaning and passivation of many different metal and plastic materials.

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