custom ultrasonic equipment

Image of large customized ultrasonic cleaning equipment

As the world’s largest private ultrasonic machine manufacturer, we can build any custom ultrasonic cleaning equipment

The vast majority of ultrasonic cleaning challenges you face can be handles easily and quickly without our core ultrasonic cleaning equipment line, which offers standardized, repeatable results featuring the most commonly needed sizes, processes, and frequencies for today’s demanding ultrasonic cleaning needs — all of which are available immediate delivery. So before you consider any customized ultrasonic solutions, we encourage you to look through our core equipment lines.

Need custom ultrasonic equipment for processes other than cleaning? Our Crest Group parent company can also custom-build any ultrasonic welding or cutting equipment you may need.

But if your project demands higher purity requirements, unusual sizes, or unique process flows, Crest Ultrasonics offers the state-of-the-art manufacturing and engineering expertise to make the exact to-order custom ultrasonic cleaning equipment you need.

And, better news still, we offer you FREE custom ultrasonics consulting, including research, custom equipment and process development, and testing using your sample parts — all without you paying us a penny!

No matter how large, small, uniquely shaped, or how customized in process or limited in quantity, Crest Ultrasonics has the engineering design know-how and the global manufacturing support to build any systems you need for any ultrasonic cleaning application.

tall tank next to generatorHere are just a few samples from the hundreds of simple to complex custom builds we have created for companies around the world:

  • 3-inch x 7-inch immersible transducers
  • 8-inch x 6-foot tank (shown to the right, beside standard generators for scale)
  • Room-sized tanks
  • 7-station nitric acid passivation console for medical applications
  • Console with high-throughput ladder mass transfer and tunnel dryers
  • Console with integrated rotation mechanisms
  • Ultra-pure consoles with coved corners, 4-sided overflow electro-polish tanks, sub-micron filtration, and ultra-pure plumbing

We love a good challenge — so contact your local Crest sales rep today to request a custom-build questionnaire!

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