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Is it possible to create a third harmonic frequency at any point between 100 and 350 kHz? Yes, you can create third harmonics up to 500 kHz, but it would be cost prohibitive for the end user as you go above the 325 to 350 kHz range.

The determining factors in creating third harmonics are the outer and inner dimensions of the PZT crystal.

No. It is a great third harmonic frequency, but with ceramic stacking you have the luxury of having a family of third and higher harmonics designed to meet specific needs. Ceramic stacked transducers allow you to avoid the metal stacked frequencies (based upon first harmonics) that can damage sensitive parts.

Wave pattern of 200 kHz ceramic transducerThis new introduction will challenge the megasonic frequencies and their modest intensity. Like other third harmonics, it is extremely intense for such a high frequency. With the ceramic intensity, it is likely to replace many of the megasonic units on the market.

As for reliability, we can expect the transducers to last for several years (using a Martin Walter power supply), as compared to most megasonic transducers’ life expectancy of only 6 to 12 months.

Since its introduction over 10 years ago, and with thousands of ceramic 132 kHz systems installed worldwide, there has not been a single ceramic trandsducer failure.

It seems unbelievable, but it’s true. This reliability can be directly attributed to the enhanced efficiency of transmitting ultrasonic sound waves using high-tech ceramics and state-of-the-art Martin Walter AG power supplies to power the transducers.

The ultimate test in a new technology’s effectiveness is its effectiveness and acceptance in the marketplace.

Effectiveness can be measured by reports such as these:

  • A disk media manufacturing facility cut its process time in half and got the cleanest disks ever
  • Another disk media manufacturing facility improved its yield by 4%, and the equipment paid for itself in 79 days
  • A Japanese slider fab application increased yield to 100%
  • A military application using solvent improved process time by 40%
  • An Asian solvent/alcohol application for cleaning and drying produced the highest HSA yield ever recorded, with submicron specifications
  • HSA/HGA yields in disk drive applications are at new highs
  • PCB board cleaning is seeing the best results ever

And ceramically enhanced third and higher harmonic transducers are meeting the test and winning in the United States, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, Malyasia, Thailand, South Korea, Taiwan, China, United Kingdom, and Europe. All of these countries have companies that have successful third-harmonic ultrasonic cleaning system installations manufactured by Crest Ultrasonics.

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