solvent ultrasonic cleaning equipment

Plug-and-play, self-cleaning systems for pre- and post-removal of organic contaminants

The Crest Ultrasonics line of solvent ultrasonic cleaning equipment offers you many standard, in-stock capacity and frequency combinations as well as custom-built items upon request.

When used in tandem with our ultrasonic cleaning solutions, this equipment is designed to provide you with state-of-the-art solvent cleaning support:

  • Complete organic contaminants removal — Oils, greases, lubricants, rust inhibitors, etc.
  • Pre-and post-cleaning — Ideal for all high-precision manufacturing industries
  • Full cellular manufacturing operations support — Fits anywhere within your automated production line
  • Minimal solvent loss — Featuring a selective line of solvents that are EPA-approved and non-flammable
  • Fast set-ups — Truly plug and play with minimal training required
  • Self-cleaning — Further limiting down-time and the need for human interaction

Crest offers full manufacturing capabilities for standard and custom systems with plants across the U.S., Malaysia, and Asia.


F-100 Compact Solvent
Cleaning Equipment

Small footprint for
easy production flow integration


F-200 Dual Sump
Solvent Cleaning Equipment

An economical solution for
solvent precision cleaning


F-300 Superheated
Non-flammable Vapor Degreaser

Safely employs non-flammable and EPA approved solvents


F-400 Superheated
Low-flashpoint Vapor Degreaser

Safely employs low-flashpoint solvents such as isopropyl alcohol


AL-1010 Compact Low-flashpoint
Solvent Cleaning Equipment

An economical solution for
low-flashpoint solvent cleaning


F-500 Eco-friendly Bi-solvent Cleaning Equipment

Employs clean air certified Methyl Soyate* and 3MTM NovecTM 7200

SA Series

SA Series Industrial Solvent
Precision Cleaning Equipment

Handles flammable/non-flammable, meets strict emission standards

AD Series

AD Series Low Flashpoint
Solvent Vapor Dryer

Uses low flashpoint solvents for removal of water and particulates

Also see our complete line of ultrasonic cleaning solutions:

Crest Ultrasonics brand ultrasonic cleaning solutions are uniquely formulated to work flawlessly with our ultrasonic equipment in the cleaning and passivation of many different metal and plastic materials.

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