compact solvent ultrasonic cleaning equipment

Our industrial compact solvent precision cleaning system

The F-100 has a small footprint for easy production flow integration

This fully contained compact degreasing system typically includes immersion in the latest Crest Ultrasonics technology, producing unrivaled cleaning.

It is designed for safe use with all of today’s non-flammable and EPA-aproved solvents, and is ideal for removing residues such as films, fingerprints, greases, mold releases, oil, etc. Applications can be found in most industrial facilities.

Four standard tank sizes, available for immediate delivery

Standard sizes range from 8″L x 10″W x 6″H to 20″L x 10″W x 10″H.

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Image of the back of an F-100

Vapor blanket, boil pump, immersion sump, water separator, ultrasonics, and more in one compact design.

  • Solvent immersion tank with high frequency 58, 132, or 192 kHz ultrasonics
  • Offset distillation
  • Built-in refrigeration
  • Compact overall dimensions
  • 100% freeboard ratio to limit solvent consumption
  • Automated in-tank lift
  • Solvent replacement warning
  • Removable panels for easy maintenance access
  • Gravity water separator
  • PLC controlled
  • Compact footprint for easy integration in production flow
  • Automated cover
  • Stainless steel condenser to avoid corrosion
  • Stainless stell process tank with bright annealed finish
  • Filtered recirculation with sub-micron capable 222-type filter housing
  • Refrigeration temperature monitoring
  • Boiling tank over temperature signal with solvent replacement warning
  • Extended freeboard volume
  • Boiling tank low-level control
  • Vapor level control with reset
  • Molecular sieve water removal
  • Baskets
  • Pre-filter housing
  • Basket oscillation
  • Patented VertiflowTM filtration system

If your parts or throughputs do not meet our standard tank sizes, contact a Crest representative today.

We have custom manufacturing plants in the U.S. and overseas that can help you meet your custom ultrasonic cleaning equipment needs.

(L x W x D)
F-200-121012" x 10" x10"7215010208V-230V
1 Phase
50-60 Hz
F-200-181218" x 12" x 12"18460026208V-230V
3 Phase
50-60 Hz
F-200-201620" x 16" x 16"378120052460V-480V
3 Phase
50-60 Hz
F-200-242024" x 20" x 20"6514200090460V-480V
3 Phase
50-60 Hz

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